Every therapist at Discover Counseling is well-trained and carefully selected to provide the highest quality of professionalism as we help our clients. We are very knowledgeable and skilled in a variety of areas, and have experience working with many specific issues. We utilize the most effective approaches and interventions so that whatever you’re facing, you can have confidence knowing we can help you improve.

Here are some of the issues we work with:

  • Anxiety, phobias, and fears
  • Trauma
  • Depression
  • Relationship issues
  • Addictions (substances, sexual, etc.)
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Life coaching
  • Infidelity and affairs
  • Grief and loss
  • Parenting
  • Anger management
  • Divorce and co-parenting
  • Religious and spiritual issues
  • Family issues / therapy
  • Communication issues
  • Christian counseling
  • Marriage / couples issues
  • Stress management
  • Career / job-related issues
Some of our counselors can provide specific evaluations, such as thorough mental health and substance abuse assessments, that can be helpful in determining accurate diagnoses, appropriate referrals to doctors, medical providers, and other issue-specific treatment providers, and satisfy court or job requirements. While assessments generally take more time and cost more money, they also give a clearer picture of the issues clients are facing, making it easier to identify potential solutions.

We also utilize tools for individuals and couples, such as the SYMBIS,  PREPARE/ENRICH, Gottman Couples Assessment, and 16PF, which help provide guidance and insight as to potential issues that may be affecting the current problem. These tools are research-based, scientifically proven, and have been widely accepted in the counseling field.

Teens and adults have many important issues they would like to work on or overcome. Sometimes these issues are specific to gender, age, career, or other variables. It is important for the treatment process to be effective to develop a strong and secure therapeutic working relationship. We understand this, and are able to utilize the strength of the relationship we build with our clients to more effectively guide and support them through the most difficult issues. You don’t have to work through it alone, and you can trust us to give you direction and hope along the way.
So often couples come into counseling looking for a last-ditch effort for their relationship before calling it quits. While this presents a challenge in counseling, it’s never too late. We believe counseling can also be a helpful proactive process that makes good relationships better and great relationships fantastic. If you are struggling with a relationship, whether it’s a spouse, a family member, co-worker, or a friend, we want to help resolve the issues you’re facing and provide you with tools to prevent them from coming up again in the future.
Abraham Lincoln once said, “A nation is only as strong as the homes it is made of.” Our desire is to help families achieve their full potential so that they can provide safety, growth, and love for all members involved. We believe that families are the place to practice and prepare for life. By helping families overcome areas of disagreement and improve relationships within the family system, each individual becomes more capable of excelling in life and the family can provide the comfort and joy that nobody else in life can.