Meet Robin Fleming, Counseling Intern at Discover Counseling:

Robin Fleming, Counseling Intern

Robin Fleming, Counseling Intern

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Education & Professional Affiliation: Completing Master’s degree in Professional Counseling from Grand Canyon University.

About Robin: I believe that everyone is created with innate worth and the potential for growth and a satisfying and meaningful life. My desire is to help people find wholeness, satisfaction, and purpose, both personally and within their relationships. It is common for individuals to feel stuck, unsure about how to overcome obstacles, and overwhelmed. Often, being able to talk about these thoughts and feelings in an accepting environment will unlock previously hidden opportunities, reveal new perspectives, and suggest a way forward. I will listen with acceptance and empathy, partner with you to create solutions, and support you in your steps toward greater fulfillment and peace. I believe incorporating Christian or spiritual values can be very helpful in this process and am willing to do this with you if you desire.

On a personal level, I enjoy spending time with my family playing games, talking, and camping and hiking. I am an avid reader, so I find ways to squeeze in time to read mysteries, historical fiction, personal growth books, and more. I also enjoy racewalking and participate in various events, including Portland to Coast.

Our Intern Program

A Statement from Aaron about Counseling Interns:

My aim is for Discover Counseling to provide effective counseling services with compassion and professionalism. When selecting interns, I look for someone who fits these expectations. This creates an excellent opportunity for you, the client, to work through your issues with an eager new counselor and pay a lower fee. My Pre-Master’s interns are Master’s degree candidates that are near the end of their education and just need real world experience to hone their skills. They are very knowledgeable and highly trained, so you can expect a high quality experience.

We take counseling very seriously because we know that your life, relationships, and well-being are on the line. As such, you can expect my interns to have regular weekly supervision with me, as well as regular meetings with their clinical supervisor at their graduate university program. I work closely with their university to ensure interns are maintaining best practices and ethical standards before signing off on every single hour.

Counseling interns are highly motivated to do their best work, and their supervisors (including myself) are motivated to ensure clients’ needs are being met at all times. This creates a great opportunity for you to benefit from the knowledge and experience of multiple professionals at a lower cost!

Intern Sliding Fee Scale

Since interns cannot accept your insurance, they work on a sliding fee scale that is based on your income and is comparable to what your insurance co-pay or coinsurance would be. The fee scale is listed below:

Net Income Per Month Session Fee
Below $1,800 $15
$1,801-$2,100 $19
$2,101-$2,400 $22
$2,401-$2,700 $25
$2,701-$3,000 $28
$3,001-$3,300 $32
$3,301-$3,600 $35
$3,601-$3,900 $37
Above $3,901 $40