My Core Values

Hi, I’m Aaron Potratz. First and foremost, I am passionate about relationships and families. I see them as the key to happiness and health in life. In order for us to have good relationships, we also need to be healthy as individuals. My desire is to help you improve all of these so that you can experience life to the fullest.

I am also passionate about helping people through difficult life experiences, including trauma. Trauma can come from many situations including but not limited to physical / sexual / verbal / psychological / emotional abuse, natural disasters, war/combat, car accidents, and many other events from childhood as well as in adulthood. I can help you get relief from the pain of these experiences so that you can live a happier, more peaceful life.
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I work with: individuals, couples, and families. I believe that people are capable of overcoming obstacles in their lives, but sometimes they need help with finding the right tools. Talking with someone who has an objective opinion can be just what you need to discover the right tool you need to use in your life to get back on track.

My goal for clients is to help them become more effective, insightful, self-confident, and successful at overcoming future hurdles in their own lives and in their relationships. For me, this means focusing on improving the present and future, rather than hashing over the past at length.

I try to be as specific and practical as possible so that no time is wasted in our sessions together. I want to help you start seeing results and feeling better immediately! To get to know me better, check out my Professional Background below and read some of the “Counseling Articles” I’ve written.

Areas of Expertise

These are just a few of the areas Aaron works with at Discover Counseling:

Anxiety & Stress

I approach anxiety with mindfulness-based and cognitive-behavioral methods that are proven to be effective at reducing or even alleviating these symptoms.

Relationship Issues

I focus on the connection and attachment in relationships from an Emotionally Focused perspective to effectively repair wounds and restore trust.


I use tools such as EMDR that have been proven in research to reduce trauma symptoms and give life back to the people who have suffered.

Spiritual Integration

Interweaving spirituality into the counseling process is a skillful art. I seek to meet you where you’re at and let you decide if and how much spiritual integration you would like in your sessions.

Professional Background

I am a Licensed Counselor specializing in individual, couple, and family therapy. I completed my Master’s Degree in Marriage & Family Therapy at George Fox University, and earned my license (LPC #C2453) to practice in Oregon. I am also a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC #717809), a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP), and a Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor (CADC-I) in Oregon.


I believe that hope is one of the most important aspects of change – without it, we feel hopeless and unable to make the adjustments we need to! I will strive to help you find hope in your situations to better help you achieve the goals you desire from counseling.

I am passionate about helping people improve their lives and feel better about themselves. I am also passionate about relationships – marriages, significant others, family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, you name it. Relationships are where we turn to when we’ve had a bad day or when we achieve something great. They are where we know and become known, and what makes life so dynamic and fun… when they are healthy!

On a personal level, I am married and have two boys. In my spare time I enjoy reading, listening to music, running/playing sports, technology, and spending time with my family. I grew up in Seattle, Washington and moved to Oregon in 2003.



Philosophy of Counseling

Emotion-Focused, Contextual, Strengths-Based

These approaches explore client strengths and successes, as well as possibilities for change. They focus on the experiences we have, the meaning we make them, and what we do in response. They help direct our focus to concrete behaviors that can be done to help achieve the client’s desired outcome. They also examine situations and beliefs from different perspectives which can often become keys to helping clients become “unstuck” in their issues. Because these approaches focus on possibilities, clients often feel a sense of confidence and hope after just a single session.

Professional Affiliations

Aaron (Discover Counseling) is listed on Psychology Today, Yelp,, Thumbtack,, and many other well-known resources.