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I provide counseling for couples – dating, premarital/engaged, and married. My hope is that by going through counseling, my clients will gain a better knowledge of themselves, understanding of their partner, and awareness of the skills they need to practice in order to improve the relationship. I balance long-term goals with practical tools that can be used immediately to help …

Improving Life

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Life can be challenging in many aspects including individual/personal, career and work, emotions, and others. Dealing with issues that impair functioning can help clients become more successful, satisfied, effective, joyful, and free as they interact with life in various ways. My hope is that counseling can improve life so that it becomes a realm of opportunities and hope for my …

Family Counseling

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Families are meant to be safe and supportive environments for people to be loved and accepted for who they are, while at the same time helping each other grow to become their best selves. I work with family issues (including parenting) and family members (ages 13 and older) to help identify unhealthy dynamics and make changes to the family system …